Helping more Kiwis understand, prevent and beat bowel cancer.

The more we know about bowel cancer, the better the chances of beating it. This section contains helpful information about the risk factors, symptoms, screening and prevention, as well as treatment options and questions to ask your doctor if you’re concerned you may have bowel cancer.

What is Bowel Cancer?

Managing risk

Treatment options

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No one likes to talk about bowel cancer, but the bottom line is, the more you know, the better the chances of beating it. So check out our helpful blogs and tips on preventing this silent killer – and read the stories of Kiwis affected by bowel cancer.

Evie’s Move your Butt challenge: Getting checked early is just a no brainer
“Bowel cancer can happen to anyone – it doesn’t discriminate.” Our amazing current leader on the Move your Butt fundraising
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Renee’s Move your Butt Challenge: A positive attitude is everything
Well, as the beginning of the challenge nears I find myself in an awkward situation.  Am I going to be ready
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Hike for Health an emotional tribute
This May, four amazing people all who had lost someone incredibly important to them due to bowel cancer, trekked the
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Owen’s Move your Butt challenge: 100 reps in memory of 100 lives
Well, we are into May and I have changed my challenge to the following: 20 burpee/press ups + 30 reverse
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