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Anna’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 32 Symptoms: Fatigue, low iron, change in bowel movements, severe stomach cramps Duration of symptoms: 2 years Diagnosis: Stage 2 bowel cancer Treatments: Total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis (no bag) + 8 rounds chemotherapy (oral capecitabine). My story: I was fit and healthy and didn’t fit the profile of a bowel cancer patient, with no family history. I [...]

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Solon’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 41 Symptoms: Occasional blood in stool, bouts of diarrhoea, fatigue, fever and nausea Duration of symptoms: 12 months Diagnosis: Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer (Liver metastases) Treatments: Pre-operative chemotherapy and radiotherapy running concurrently, Open Ultra-low Anterior Re-section to remove tumour and involved lymph nodes. Post-surgery: Ileostomy bag for 7 months. Second surgery: close loop, ileostomy reversal. My [...]

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Jonny’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 34 Symptoms: Stomach cramps, fatigue, diarrhoea and anaemia Duration of symptoms: 3 months  Diagnosis: Stage 3 Colon Cancer Treatments: 2/3rds of large intestine removed and 6 months of chemotherapy. My Story: I had stomach cramps.  A mate at work had just had stomach cramps and been to the doctor, they lasted a couple of weeks and he [...]

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Sarah’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 38 Symptoms: Tiredness, unpredictable bowel habit, frequent diarrhoea, put down to food allergies or irritable bowel Duration of symptoms: 2 years Diagnosis: Stage 3 upper rectal cancer Treatments: Chemoradiotherapy, excisional surgery followed by Folfox chemotherapy. My story: I noticed blood intermittently for three weeks before going to the doctor. After diagnosis, I learnt about the symptoms of [...]

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Kathy’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 36 Symptoms: Irritable bowel / food intolerance type symptoms, very changeable bowel motions, bloating and general not ‘feeling right’, some intermittent blood in stools Duration of symptoms: Several years Diagnosis: Stage 3 Rectal Cancer Treatments: 6 weeks chemotherapy and radiotherapy, surgery: tumour removal and ileostomy placed, then ileostomy reversal, chemotherapy, hernia repair surgery a year after [...]

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Brad’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 36 Symptoms: Change in bowel movements, minor blood spotting Duration of symptoms: Two months Diagnosis: Stage 3 colon cancer Treatments: Resection of upper rectum and sigmoid colon. 12 rounds of Folfox chemotherapy. My story:  I was a fit and healthy, not quite middle aged, guy. I probably would have managed to ignore my symptoms in a manly [...]

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John’s Story

N.Z’ers are dying of embarrassment and dying of appalling political neglect.  When I say “dying of embarrassment” I’m talking about people’s reluctance, particularly men, to present their tail ends to their doctor GPs, ignoring tell-tale signs of trouble until they become really pressing. When I say “dying of appalling political neglect”, I’m talking about the [...]

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Chelsea’s Story

Ambassador profile - Chelsea Halliwell Life was trucking along beautifully for Chelsea Halliwell in August 2015. She’d established her own business, the children were moving out of the challenging infant stage, and the family were taking a break in Wanaka. Chelsea was 39, fit, well, and bullet-proof when she opened the local paper there to [...]

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Chelsea’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 39 Symptoms: Intermittent blood in stool Duration of symptoms: 6 weeks Diagnosis: Stage 3 bowel cancer Treatments: Subtotal colectomy with signoid anastomis and 12 cycles of Folfox chemotherapy. My story: I was 39, fit, healthy and bullet- proof. And then I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Because of my health insurance, things moved quickly [...]

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Britt’s Story

Age at diagnosis: 31 Symptoms: Fatigue, low iron, change in bowel movements, severe stomach cramps Duration of symptoms: 6 years Diagnosis: Stage 4 bowel cancer Treatments: Surgery, Folfox chemotherapy. My story: My stage 4 bowel cancer was undiagnosed for 6 years, with my symptoms being put down, at various stages, to my subpar diet and my training as an elite [...]

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