Claire Turnbull

Claire Turnbull – Media Ambassador

As an author, speaker and nutritionist in the media, Claire Turnbull has created a number of books, videos, articles, blogs and programmes to help New Zealanders eat well, take care of themselves and ‘make healthy happen in their lives’ (see

Cancer has touched her life in many ways, so Claire’s goal is to raise awareness of the importance of healthier lifestyles and diets – and especially eating more fibre. “Cancer is such a big issue in New Zealand, but lifestyle and diet can make a huge difference,” she says. “We need to have more conversations around fibre and gut health. Adding more fibre to everyday eating is something we can all do to reduce our bowel cancer risk. And not just Monday to Friday, but all the time!”

As a mother of two young children, Claire believes it’s essential to pass on healthy eating habits to our children. “It’s about normalising fibre within the family. A healthy diet for kids needs to include a wide range of food, including healthy fibre from fruit and vegetables.”

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