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Mercy Hospital, 98 Mountain Road, Epsom, Auckland
98 Mountain Road Auckland Auckland 1023 NZ

Canopy Cancer Care is a leading private clinic for adult cancer patients.  Our team specialise in the care of patients requiring cancer treatment with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, antibody therapy, hormone therapy and more targeted therapies.

The Canopy vision is to offer New Zealanders the option of world class cancer care, delivered locally. Every day and with every patient, we work towards this goal.

The Canopy team have been providing world class services in Auckland for over seven years.  During this time we have built a strong team who are all passionate about our patients and the outcomes that matter to them most.  We aim to provide the highest quality of care and will co-ordinate all aspects of treatment where possible.

Alongside the medical treatment we offer, Under the Canopy is an umbrella of services directly designed to aid a patient either on or after treatment.

Opening Hours

General enquiries and referrals

The clinic is open for treatments:
Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm

Consultations are often held in
evening clinics after 5.00pm