Where: New Zealand

When: 1st - 30th June 2019

No one likes to talk about bowel cancer. Yet it kills more New Zealanders than breast and prostate cancer combined. It’s a national emergency and we think it’s time we all started talking about it – and most importantly, doing something about preventing it.

That’s why we’ve launched Move your Butt during bowel cancer awareness month. Exercising more and eating well are proven to help prevent bowel cancer.

So this June, get off your butt and challenge yourself to get more exercise – even if it’s just a 20-minute walk a day. You’ll be helping yourself beat bowel cancer – plus, if you get your friends and family to sponsor your challenge, you can help more New Zealanders beat bowel cancer too.

100% of funds raised go to Bowel Cancer New Zealand for awareness, advocacy, research and support of people living with bowel cancer.

So Move your Butt and sign up for the challenge!

How it works:

We’re asking all New Zealanders – young or old, fit or unfit – to Move your Butts more during June. You don’t need to run a marathon, it simply means challenging yourself to exercise more than you do usually. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set your challenge – it could be anything that gets you moving more during June – walking for 20 minutes a day, doing 10 press-ups a day, riding your bike to work … it’s up to you. Or if you’re already fit but sitting on your butt all day, how about challenging yourself to move more at work?
  2. Get sponsored – ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your challenge. You could WIN great prizes and raise vital funds for Bowel Cancer New Zealand.
  3. Move your butts together – get even more ‘bums off seats’ by getting a team of friends, family or workmates together. It’ll help you stay motivated and raise even more money to beat bowel cancer.
  4. Save your butt – The good news is that if bowel cancer is diagnosed early enough, it can be beaten. So if you’re worried, move your butt and see your doctor.

Download the Move your Butt fundraising toolkit for more inspiration!

Or simply donate to Bowel Cancer Awareness Month here or directly to our bank account, Bowel Cancer New Zealand Incorporated 38 9010 0509792 00

If you would like to receive brochures and posters for your workplace, or to have at your event, please complete our order form and email to us.
You can also purchase ribbons and purple and green wrist bands to sell at your fundraiser at $2.00 each.