June 24, 2019

Netball team for Bowel Cancer NZ

Nat would be shouting at us from the heavens. She was the MOST competitive, feisty, hearty, mouthy (netball) player you’d find.  She never played in halves, she gave it a hundred every single game.

So gutsy that she continued to play after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. She played competitive netball with a portacath and a colostomy bag. That’s heart, that’s NEVER giving up.

I’ve played in the same team for 19 years. I LOVE this game…. I LOVE these girls. I miss Nat being on the court beside us.

For the first time tonight both mum and dad have come to watch us in a long time. The memories are probably hard to swallow. The gentle reminders of Nat. They have been and always will be all of the girls biggest fans. These girls are like family.

nevergiveup #shesafighter #moveyourbutt #moverznetball #love #missingnat