Judy’s Story

Bowel Cancer NZ Staff


In January of this year I was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer with 8 lymph nodes being involved requiring surgery, this was successfully completed laproscopically on March 10 this year. I had hidden my symptoms that I had been experiencing for some time from my family, especially when symptoms got really bad. In hindsight it would have been acted on a lot sooner had they known, if only I could turn the clock back, but in my naivety I didn’t want to worry them. oh well …

My journey through chemotherapy treatment was not troublesome for the first two treatments, so thought it was a walk in the park. However, treatment did not go so smoothly from there on with the debilitating tiredness and nausea my constant companions. I have been very blessed to have the full support of my family who are and remain my greatest joy.

My husband David has been my rock right from when I was first diagnosed and so understanding, it was not easy for him watching my cancer journey progress. Our two girls, Tanya who is based in Wellington (a registered Psychologist) , and Jacqui who is based in Auckland (Nurse Endoscopist , Colorectal Nurse Specialist), have been my constant companions as I went through treatment with all of the side effects by taking turns traveling to Tauranga once a fortnight each to support me but also to look after the welling being of their father by cooking meals for us both, I thank the Lord for them, their families are to be admired and thanked for carrying on in their absence.

No side effect is insurmountable.

My Surgeon and my Oncologist, along with the Nurse “Angels” at the Tauranga Cancer Centre, have most of the complications experienced well covered. The neuropathy is a daily reminder of the drugs that have been in my system along with weight loss and thinning of my hair. The constipation and bloods being out of kilter, took their toll, but hospital stays ensured they were resolved.

My friends have been in constant contact with me with one who has been through her own cancer journey. They are all are wonderful friends. I am well and encouraged by my follow up care, it is now all behind me. “Each day is a new day, I will rejoice and be glad in it”.

Thank you Jacqui for entering me into the Augustine competition. Thank you  to Mary at Bowel Cancer NZ and Augustine for the invitation to attend the Augustine Charity shop on Friday, it is a wonderful opportunity and a real treat.

May our Lord Jesus bless you all.