Kim’s Story

Bowel Cancer NZ Staff


I was bleeding from the bowel late 2018 and diagnosed with cancer in January 2019 at age 58. I underwent both radiation and chemotherapy at the beginning of March 2019.

I went for a routine follow up MRI in 2020 where unfortunately another tumour was found. March 2020, the first day of lockdown, I had APR (abdominoperineal resection) surgery with a flap from my thigh. I also had a complete hysterectomy at the same time. In October 2020, I had more surgery to reconstruct the flap and stitches out three weeks later.

My thigh is still very weak, affecting my balance resulting in two falls over the past four months, where I broke my elbow and rib.

I have adjusted really well to living with a bag however I have a hernia under my stoma, so I need to always wear a hernia belt.

Overall this has been quite a journey. I have had the most amazing support from both friends and family. Also, a big shout out to all medical professionals who have and are still helping me. I have so much to be thankful for.

I’m walking every day with my lovely dog Frankie and am looking forward to working towards regaining my fitness.

I take life a day at a time and make it my priority to find joy every day.