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Go Green Smoothie

Yields2 Servings

One serve of matcha can contain up to 137 times more potent antioxidant content than tea made from the green leaf!

Smoothie recipe for bowel cancer

 1 tsp matcha powder
 ½ washed zucchini
 250 ml unsweetened vanilla almond milk
 10 baby spinach leaves (stalks removed leaving just the leaves)
 4 mint leaves
 stevia powder or maple syrup to sweeten

In a cup blend matcha powder with a little milk and mix it to a paste without lumps


Add a little more almond milk and transfer contents into a blender


Add zucchini, rest of the milk, baby spinach leaves, three mint leaves and a little of your sweetener


Blend until all ingredients are mixed thoroughly


Sweeten to taste


Serve with a mint leaf on the side

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2