Easy, healthy and delicious recipes to help more Kiwis beat bowel cancer

Whether you’re living with bowel cancer, or you want to take measures to prevent it, eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, protein and other fibre is essential. Eating smaller, lighter meals can also help you feel more comfortable if you have bowel cancer.

That’s why Claire Turnbull, nutrition expert and Bowel Cancer NZ ambassador, has curated these deliciously good-for-you recipes. Trust us, they’re as tasty as they look … enjoy!

Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters
Claire Turnbull
Nutrition Expert and
Bowel Cancer NZ Ambassador
Creamy Cherry SmoothieBy Bowel Cancer AustraliaCherries beat inflammation, help you sleep and may aid in reducing blood glucose levels.
Go Green SmoothieBy Bowel Cancer AustraliaOne serve of matcha can contain up to 137 times more potent antioxidant content than tea made from the green leaf!
Red Velvet SmoothieBy Claire TurnbullHonestly, I even surprised myself with this one! I was making a beetroot salad and had half a raw beetroot left over so decided to throw it in a blender and make it into a smoothie!
Summer Smoothies with VegesBy Claire TurnbullLove smoothies? Aim to keep your smoothie to around one serving of fruit and add some veges in instead. I’ve got two totally tasty smoothie recipes with some surprise vege ingredients! Check them out here.
Delicious Daiquiri MocktailBy Claire TurnbullI made this drink recently when family came round for dinner as we had all decided it was to be an alcohol free evening, it was a total hit!!