Why I am running the Auckland Marathon

Bowel Cancer Awareness is a topic close to my heart. My darling big sister Sarah was…. Sorry I still need a moment to pause & breathe before I tell her story. 

Sarah was just 32 years old when she became an angel in heaven. Her time on earth was taken from her way too soon by bowel cancer. Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Sarah will tell you she was already an angel with one of the most generous, sweet & caring souls you could ever meet. 

Sarah was the best big sister, that’s us in the picture, Sarah’s on the right with her beloved dog Abby in front and that’s me on the left. We are on Mount Maunganui Beach where we spent our entire lives creating memories in the summer sun that I will cherish forever.

I’m dusting off my running shoes for Sarah to tell her story and raise awareness for bowel cancer, never assume because we are young we are exempt, sadly we are not. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer and bowel cancer death in the developed world.

Why the name Sirry Sunbeam? My sister & I had nicknames for each other, Sarah was Sirry Bear & I was Jinny Bean. Whenever the sky lights up with beautiful sunbeams I know it is Sarah saying hello to us as Sirry Sunbeam.

If you have read this far, thank you. All I ask is to follow my journey to learn about bowel cancer, not be embarrassed to talk about your bums and cherish your loved ones dearly.

Life is precious.

Shine bright Sirry Sunbeam, this is for you xx


You can donate to Jenna’s EverydayHero page to help make raise awareness.