Through advocacy, we’re changing bowel cancer outcomes

We’ve been the strongest voice calling for national screening

Since our inception in 2010, Bowel Cancer NZ has been vocal in advocating for a national screening programme, which finally began to be rolled out in 2016. But that was just the beginning. We are currently:

  • Calling for increased urgency for the nationwide rollout.
  • Lobbying for bowel cancer screening to be dropped to age 50 for Māori immediately.
  • Advocating to lower the age of all participants to 50 years once screening is implemented nationally, in line with international best practice.
  • To meet the far-reaching aims of our 2020 manifesto: to achieve 10 goals within 10 years.

Our latest advocacy project: Call to Action 2025

Call to Action 2025 is a powerful plea to all levels of Government and community to work together to achieve seven key calls to action designed to significantly reduce the impact of bowel cancer by 2025.

  • Additional support for District Health Boards to ensure full implementation of screening
  • To address inequities in bowel cancer outcomes
  • To develop a clear plan to increase access to screening to include all New Zealanders aged 50 to 59 years
  • For comprehensive evidence-informed programmes to increase participation in NBSP
  • For healthcare professionals to be informed of patients NSBP screening results
  • For the general public and healthcare professionals to be made more aware of the symptoms and risk of bowel cancer
  • Improved access to drug treatments for people with advanced bowel cancer

Advocacy projects

We’re proud to support these important projects and milestones: every one a further step towards beating bowel cancer.

2010 to 2016








2019 – 2020

2020 – 2025

To learn about other advocacy projects, check out our media releases.

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