Going through or finished treatment? We offer funded physio sessions

Rehabilitative physio is an important part of recovering from bowel cancer treatment or surgery, so Bowel Cancer New Zealand can fund up to four free sessions for patients. Physio can help you regain your strength and mobility, ease pain and muscular tension, reduce treatment-related side effects, reclaim body confidence and control, and improve your energy levels and recovery time.

How it works:

  • This funding is for patients who would benefit from physio, but need financial support to access it.
  • Preference is given to patients who have most recently had surgery, or who have finished treatment in the last three years.
  • If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible, please contact our Nurse Support Coordinator on 0800 BCNZ NURSE (0800 226 968).
  • Please note that physiotherapists may require a $10 surcharge in addition to BCNZ funding.


Need to Talk? We offer free counselling sessions

If you’re going through bowel cancer – or if you’ve survived it – we can fund three free counselling sessions. Talking to someone can be hugely helpful at any time during your cancer journey – whenever you feel you need it most.

We also offer three free counselling sessions for direct family members including children and the primary caregiver. We understand the emotional toll this takes on whānau and we want to offer as much support as possible during this challenging time.

Counselling can help you find ways to cope with shock, fear, anxiety or depression, personal, family and relationship issues, work and practical difficulties – and anything else you need to talk about.

How it works:

  • Bowel Cancer NZ will fund three counselling sessions over 12 months for anyone going through bowel cancer treatment, or who has finished treatment within the last three years. This includes direct family members including children and the primary caregiver.
  • We’ve partnered with Lifespan Counselling, who offer experienced counsellors that are available to you nationwide.
  • Your counsellor can meet you face-to-face in Auckland*, or over the phone and via Skype nationwide. A family member or support person is welcome to accompany you.
  • You can refer yourself or be referred by a medical professional or whānau member.
  • You’ll need to have all three sessions within 12 months of the first session.

* A face-to-face counsellor can be found by request outside of Auckland in consultation with our nurse.


Apply for your funded sessions here…

To apply for free counselling or physio sessions, please complete the application form below – we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

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