We’re committed to raising awareness, so that fewer lives are lost to this silent killer

The stronger our voice grows, the more lives we can save

Bowel cancer is currently New Zealand’s second biggest cancer killer: every year, over 3,000 Kiwis are diagnosed, and 1,200 of us will die from it. It’s time to change this! The more we can raise awareness of bowel cancer symptoms and prevention, the more we reduce the stigma around talking about it with doctors – and with each other.

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Move your Butt to beat bowel cancer

June 2020 is our second-ever Move your Butt campaign. Held during our awareness month, challenge yourself to move more during June and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You’ll get fitter, have fun and raise funds to help more Kiwis beat bowel cancer.

Last year’s challenge was a huge success: together, we raised $74,000 towards bowel cancer research, awareness, education, support and advocacy, so join with us to beat that!


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