Research is critical: it could free future generations from bowel cancer

The more research we can fund, the better the outcomes

Apart from early detection, research is the most important way to save lives. Bowel Cancer NZ continuously supports a variety of research projects thanks to invaluable funding from our partners. To date, over $100,000 has been donated towards critical research, creating further learnings and discoveries on ways to detect and treat bowel cancer in New Zealand.

Apply for funding for your life-changing research project

With the help of our incredible supporters, we are developing funding options for researchers to help realise our vision of eliminating bowel cancer in New Zealand once and for all.


Our latest research project

BCNZ is supporting a research project focused on improving early diagnosis for patients with bowel cancer. Led by Professor Ross Lawrenson of The University of Waikato Medical Research Centre, an important part of the study will be understanding the experience of New Zealanders who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer, and how their experience could have been improved.

“We are proud to support this vital research into bowel cancer. The first stage is understanding the current experience by people diagnosed and we’ll be working closely with the research team to understand the recommendations that arise when they conclude the project.” Rebekah Heal, General Manager Bowel Cancer NZ.

The research team are seeking participants who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer in the last six to twelve months. If you can assist with the study, it will only take 20 to 30 minutes of your time by phone – please contact Dr Tania Blackmore on 07 837 9483 or email taniab@waikato.ac.nz.

Bowel Cancer NZ

Professor Ross Lawrenson, Lead Researcher, Waikato Medical Research Centre

Research projects to date

Other key research projects Bowel Cancer NZ has been pleased to support and advise on include:

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2015 – 2020

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