Research is critical: it could free future generations from bowel cancer

The more research we can fund, the better the outcomes

Apart from early detection, research is the most important way to save lives. Bowel Cancer NZ continuously supports a variety of research projects thanks to invaluable funding from our partners. This goes towards critical research, creating further learnings and discoveries on ways to detect and treat bowel cancer in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Apply for funding for your life-changing research project

With the help of our incredible supporters, we are developing funding options for researchers to help realise our vision of eliminating bowel cancer in New Zealand once and for all.


Our latest research project

It’s estimated within the next decade that 1 in 10 colon cancers and 1 in 4 rectal cancers will be diagnosed in adults younger than 50 years.

Bowel Cancer NZ has committed funding towards research that will compare the gut microbiome of people with early versus late-onset colorectal cancer. Dr Rachel Purcell leads the project and is a Senior Research Fellow with the University of Otago, Department of Surgery.

The government-run National Bowel Screening Programme does not detect early-onset colorectal cancer due to the age limit, so it’s important we develop the correct tools to identify it. This study will benefit researchers and clinicians working in the field and may impact future research into screening and treatment development.

Dr Rachel Purcell, Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago

Research projects to date

Other key research projects Bowel Cancer NZ has been pleased to support and advise on include:

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