Helping Kiwis learn how to prevent and detect bowel cancer

Anyone can get bowel cancer, at any age. That’s why our top priority is to educate as many New Zealanders as possible about preventing and recognising the symptoms of bowel cancer. We provide a range of helpful resources, hold workplace and community education, attend community events around the country, and actively support the rollout of nationwide bowel cancer screening.

Be informed. Beat bowel cancer.

The more informed you are, the better the chance of preventing bowel cancer – and recognising the symptoms if you do get it. That’s why we offer a range of free resources to educate Kiwis, including:

  • Workplace and community education talks by Bowel Cancer NZ ambassadors and staff.
  • Education at various community events around New Zealand, such as Fieldays.
  • Attending and supporting the National Bowel Screening programme launch and roll-out.
  • Providing resources about the symptoms and prevention of bowel cancer, and what to do if you’re diagnosed.
Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters

Help others be informed too – book a free education talk

If you’re a workplace or community leader, here’s a great way to help others learn life-saving messages about preventing and detecting bowel cancer: book a free education talk at your workplace, club or community group.


“I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 26 years old. I was lucky enough to survive it, so I know first-hand how important Bowel Cancer NZ’s resources are to improve awareness of bowel cancer and its symptoms. As a Community Ambassador for Bowel Cancer NZ, resources such as posters and pamphlets (which are now available in five different languages) are invaluable when I’m talking to community groups and at events.”
Natalie Reynolds, bowel cancer survivor and Community Ambassador

Natalie from Bowel Cancer NZ

Past education campaigns

We’ve run a number of successful education campaigns – because the more Kiwis who know about bowel cancer, the better the outcomes.

Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters


Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters

August 2019

Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters

June 2018

Bowel Cancer NZ


Bowel Cancer NZ

December 2013