We’re helping the 1 in 6 New Zealanders affected by bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer death in New Zealand.

It affects people of all ages – men, women and even young people in their 20s.

Every year, on average:
Kiwis are diagnosed with bowel cancer
of us will die from the disease
Right now:
New Zealanders are affected by bowel cancer
of us are likely to develop it in our lifetime

What we’re doing to change this

We’ve been working hard to reduce the above statistics – and things are starting to turn around.


We’ve been the strongest advocate for a national bowel cancer screening programme. In 2016, the pilot programme launched and it’s now rolling out across New Zealand.


Kiwis reached through our awareness and prevention campaigns in the past two years alone – helping to ensure that Kiwis don’t sit on their symptoms.


Increase in people using our online patient support group this year alone – with 750+ patients supported over the past
six years.


Increase in referrals for colonoscopies, which means more bowel cancer is being found early, when it’s more treatable.


Increase in home screening test kits this year, primarily due to our advocacy work to make this happen.

We make the most of every dollar

The symptoms of bowel cancer can come and go, so don’t wait if you have any of these concerns, no matter what your age:

We receive no Government funding and rely on the generosity of New Zealanders to create impact through our programmes. Thank you to our supporters: we use these funds wisely so that every dollar counts!

Bowel Cancer NZ Funding

We can’t beat bowel cancer without you

Our work is already having an impact, but we could do so much more. Your donation helps us fund vital support, education, advocacy and awareness so that more Kiwis can beat this silent killer.

Bowel Cancer NZ

Bowel cancer has touched many lives: young and old

View the stories of some of the many Kiwis whose lives have been affected by bowel cancer. No matter what their age, we believe they were all too young. #getchecked #beatbowelcancer