We do whatever it takes to beat bowel cancer

Every one of us at Bowel Cancer NZ is dedicated to reducing the impact of bowel cancer. We do this by: supporting those living with bowel cancer and their families; educating communities and raising awareness of bowel cancer symptoms; advocating for nationwide screening; and funding research into treatments, and ultimately, a cure.

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Our vision is that no New Zealander will die of bowel cancer. We aim to achieve this through…

Bowel cancer affects us all

Anyone can get bowel cancer, at any age. Every year, over 3,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with it, and 1,200 people die of it, including young people.

What’s more, the signs of bowel cancer can come and go, so if you have any symptoms including: bleeding from the bowel, changes in bowel motions, anaemia, abdominal pain or lumps, unexplained fatigue or weight loss; see your GP straight away.

You’re never too young to get checked. #getchecked #beatbowelcancer

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