Our Ambassadors

One week after her 26th birthday, Natalie Reynolds was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. She is a mother to 15 month old Isobel and the diagnosis took her and…

Meet Natalie

Evie was 53 when she was first diagnosed. She says that her symptoms slowly ticked off all the usual suspects. It started with bleeding in her stool and she thought ‘’Uh oh, that’s not good.”

Meet Evie

Sarah was 38 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer.  Fortunately for Sarah she is now fit and healthy and wants to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and the symptoms.

Meet Sarah

Chelsea was 39, fit, well, and bullet-proof when she opened the local paper there to see a story about a Wellington woman’s diagnosis with bowel cancer..

Meet Chelsea

Duncan Heyde from the radio station The Rock, lost his good mate Richard to Bowel Cancer a couple of years ago at only 30 years old. Now he wants to help make a difference.

Meet Duncan

Alan Sciascia is doing everything he can to achieve more awareness for bowel cancer after he was diagnosed in 2016. He wants to give back by helping our charity spread the word to others.

Meet Alan

Adventurer and TV host Kevin Biggar lost his mother recently to bowel cancer. An earlier diagnosis might have made a difference. He is determined to see a nation wide screening…

Meet Kevin