First, of I want to say I couldn’t be more proud to be an ambassador for Bowel Cancer NZ. 

My first experience with Bowel Cancer was with my good mate Richard. He was absolutely one of the most amazing dudes I have had the pleasure of knowing….. one of the good ones, the guy that walks into a room and the whole room gravitates towards him. 

A couple of years he died of bowel cancer only aged 30 leaving behind a beautiful wife and new born baby girl Amelia. Seeing him deep in his battle made me want to help raise awareness of this not often enough talked about cancer. 

It’s a brutal cancer and unfortunately, it’s the most common in this country.  Each year in New Zealand over 3000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and of those 1200 will die, that’s over 4 times the amount of people that die on our roads! 

If you notice changes down stairs go and see a doc ASAP! 

Duncan Heyde – Thane and Dunc – The Rock