Decembeard is about enjoying yourself and having fun – but it’s also about using your beard to help fight bowel cancer by raising money. As we start growing the beard, here’s a few fundraising tips to help you get the sponsorship rolling in!

  1. Donate to yourself. This may sound obvious, but it’s a key first step. If you haven’t already, start things off with a personal donation. You can then follow it up by asking people to match your initial donation.
  2. Make the ask. Tell your friends and family how you’re growing a beard this December. Let everyone know – and let them know how they can donate via your EverydayHero page – use Facebook, twitter and Instagram to spread the message
  3. Set goals. Goal-setting gives you something to strive for, and it gives your supporters an incentive to donate. Everyone likes to see someone smash their target. Take some time to send out weekly update emails that document your beard growth and fundraising efforts.
  4. Say thank you. Take the time to write a thank you on your EverydayHero page for any donation you received.
  5. Personalise your fundraising webpage with a photo and also explain why you personally have chosen to take part.
  6. Set an achievable target that isn’t too low–you may be surprised by people’s generosity!
  7. Email your family and closest friends first, then other potential supporters such as work collegues.
  8. Ask to be included on your company website or newsletter.
  9. A little competition goes a long way. If you’re doing Decembeard as a team, why not put a trophy or prize on the line too for the person who raises the most sponsorship.

If you need any support or have any questions about your fundraising, contact us at