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Manuka Street Hospital

  Facilities Our team History View our photo gallery Welcome to Manuka Street Hospital Manuka Street Hospital is the Nelson Tasman region’s only private specialist surgical hospital. Manuka Street Hospital is a Joint Venture partnership between a local Nelson Trust, Manuka Street Charitable Trust, and Southern Cross Hospitals Limited. This combination of expertise, local knowledge [...]

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St George’s Cancer Care Centre

We are dedicated to treating and supporting cancer patients through an integrated approach to care – from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy through to nutrition and wellness programmes. As the largest private provider of cancer care services in the South Island, we provide patients with another choice outside of the public system for cancer treatment, notably [...]

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Mercy Cancer Care

Mercy Cancer Care was established in 2011 to provide Otago and Southland residents choice when facing a cancer diagnosis. We offer oncology consultations and a full range of systemic treatment options (including those not available in the public sector) from a purpose built unit in central Dunedin. Our patients and their families/whanau benefit from minimal [...]

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Auckland Oncology

The vision for our practice has always been to provide specialist cancer care in an environment that is welcoming and supportive for patients. Since 1999 our clinic has been known as ‘Oncology 161’, however after moving into our new clinic at 125 Remuera Road in December 2017, we have rebranded ourselves as Auckland Oncology. Knowledge [...]

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Braemar Cancer Care

The Cancer Care service provides individualised care to patients across the region. Services provided are: Medical oncology Chemotherapy and immune therapy Supportive care Advice for cancer survivors Referrals may be made by either a GP or Specialist who are asked to supply details of their patient’s medical history and the results of recent investigations such [...]

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Southern Cross Hospital Rotorua

We operate New Zealand's largest network of private surgical hospitals, and our focus is on delivering quality healthcare and value for money. Through our network across the country, we can offer a wide range of services - including surgery, medicine and rehabilitation support - to the many communities we serve. Our ‘centres of expertise’ include [...]

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Crest Hospital and Specialist Centre

From the moment you arrive at Crest Hospital, we’ll ensure that the standard of care you receive is exceptional. You’ll be looked after by specialists of the highest calibre, supported by highly trained and experienced nurses. Whilst no-one enjoys being in a hospital, we do understand that it’s often the little things that make the [...]

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Harbour Cancer Centre

Harbour is a leading cancer treatment centre located on Auckland’s North Shore.     Cutting Edge Treatments  We feel strongly about the clinical value of integrated care pathways for bowel cancer. Our oncology specialists provide cancer treatment which integrate cutting-edge treatments - including chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy - with wellness (rehabilitation) services.    These wellness services support [...]

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