Fundraising Tips

Fundraising for your event does not need to be daunting, in fact you may be presently surprised by the amount your friends, family and anonymous people donate to your page!

Here is a few  ideas to help you with your fundraising event:  


  • Be the first! Make a donation to your own Supporter Page, this not only shows your commitment to the cause but also moves you off the $0. By donating to your own supporter page you are showing your commitment to your fundraising and setting the benchmark for other donations.
  • Share your fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms – spread the word! If someone isn’t able to donate, ask them to do the same, every share helps.
  • Get your supporters rallying you! Make sure all your friends and family are also sharing your supporter page far and wide. Asking them to pop it on their email signature and put up posters around their work or social club. A small effort from them can have a huge impact on donations.
  • Ask your employer if they have any matched giving schemes or if they are willing to donate to your supporter page – it may be tax deductible and can mean you get that one off large donation to really spur you on.
  • Update your supporter page! Keep your donors and potential donors updated with your progress, how is the fundraising going? What obstacles have you come across, what are you really enjoying etc.
  • Remember to include pictures of yourself, people want to see who they are donating to.
  • Tell your story! Let supporters know WHY you are doing what you are doing, they want to know – share your passion.
  • Let people know how much to donate – e.g $10 will buy… $15 will help… $20 will… $30… $50… $100  etc etc. You want them to know that any amount they are able to give will make a difference.
  • People will rarely say no to cake. Hold a bake sale in your office as an afternoon treat and just ask for a donation to your supporter page in return for them indulging.
  • Get a group of friends to cook their signature dish (be that macaroni cheese or a full blown roast with all the trimmings) and host an evening of fun, food and a cheeky donation – and even a prize for the best (or worst) meal!
  • Get a few of your friends to cook a dish each and then hold a staff lunch event and charge an entrance fee, saving everyone the hassle of bringing in their own packed lunch or having to go in search of delicious food elsewhere.
  • Hold a dress down day and charge $5 each for your whole office to go casual for the day. Simple.
  • Hold a raffle with benefits! Offer up prizes that you know your colleagues would love to get – e.g offer to fetch their morning coffee for a week, a free weekday lunch date with senior management, 1 months use of the best parking space! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to put in a little hard work to get the most participation from everyone.
  • Ask your colleagues to sacrifice their morning coffee just 1 day a week and instead for them to give the amount they would have spent to your supporter page.
  • If you hit your target, or you are less than $100 away from reaching it – increase it! If people think you are close to meeting your target they may not donate the $200 they were going to if you are only $75 off your goal.
  • Thank your donors! Let them know their donation has been noticed and appreciated.
  • Finally – ask again! People often need reminding, if you asked them once and they haven’t donated – ask again, they may have just forgotten and won’t begrudge a friendly reminder. Also, don’t be afraid to ask after you’ve completed your event, almost 20% of donations come in after the challenge is over!