RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group Partners with Bowel Cancer New Zealand to Promote Early Detection and Awareness

In response to the pressing need for increased awareness and early detection of bowel cancer, RHCNZ proudly announces its collaboration with Bowel Cancer New Zealand (BCNZ). This partnership underscores RHCNZ’s commitment to raising awareness and promoting education regarding bowel cancer screening through innovative approaches.

Bowel cancer has gained significant attention in the media due to its impact on individuals of all ages. According to Bowel Cancer NZ statistics, over 3,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with bowel cancer annually, resulting in 1,200 deaths, a staggering number that includes young individuals. Auckland Radiology, Bay Radiology and Pacific Radiology recognises the urgency in addressing this health concern and aims to drive proactive initiatives in partnership with Bowel Cancer NZ.

“This partnership signifies a crucial step towards creating widespread awareness and education about the importance of early detection in combating bowel cancer,” stated Terry McLaughlin, CEO RHCNZ.

“Our collaboration with Bowel Cancer New Zealand emphasises our collective commitment to preventing needless deaths from this disease.”

The core objectives of this partnership encompass three vital initiatives:

Raising Awareness: RHCNZ and BCNZ aim to increase public awareness about bowel cancer, emphasizing its treatability when detected early.

Education and Advocacy: Both organizations strive to educate the public and medical professionals about the role of CT Colonography in diagnosing bowel cancer, advocating for its consideration when clinically indicated.

Supporting BCNZ’s Vision: RHCNZ’s support aligns with BCNZ’s vision to eliminate bowel cancer deaths in New Zealand through awareness, research, education, advocacy, and support.

“We are resolute in our vision that no New Zealander should succumb to bowel cancer,” affirmed Rebekah Heal, General Manager of Bowel Cancer New Zealand.

“Through this partnership, we aim to empower individuals with knowledge and encourage proactive discussions about bowel health within our communities.”

The collaboration features joint efforts by key representatives, including Steven Colclough, ARG MIT, alongside a CT machine utilised for CT Colonography, symbolising the shared commitment towards early detection and improved outcomes for those affected by bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer NZ and RHCNZ invite the public to engage in the conversation surrounding Bowel Cancer Screening and the significance of proactive measures in safeguarding against bowel cancer.