We’re bowel cancer survivors and bowel cancer experts

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in New Zealand and it’s the second highest cause of cancer death. Yet it’s one of the most treatable cancers – if it’s diagnosed early enough. We work closely with a dedicated group of medical advisors and health professionals who share our commitment to a New Zealand free from bowel cancer.


That no New Zealander will die of bowel cancer

We may not ever completely eradicate bowel cancer, but through better screening, treatments and support, we can catch it earlier – when it’s most treatable. That’s why we won’t stop until we’ve beaten apathy, beaten embarrassment, beaten the lack of awareness and funding … and above all, beaten bowel cancer.

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Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters
Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters


We aim to combat bowel cancer on every front

Bowel Cancer NZ is a nationwide, patient-focused charity dedicated to reducing the impact of bowel cancer in our communities through awareness, education, advocacy, research and support. Our goal is to lead the world with solutions to reduce New Zealand’s bowel cancer statistics and free future generations from the impact of bowel cancer.

Every day, we work to beat bowel cancer through:

  • Support: We’re supporting New Zealanders recovering from treatment and those living with bowel cancer, and their whānau.
  • Education: We create and share information about preventing bowel cancer – to both the public and health professionals.
  • Awareness: We work to spread the word about of the high incidence of bowel cancer in New Zealand – and its signs and symptoms.
  • Advocacy: We’ve lobbied for nationwide screening to detect bowel cancer earlier, and we continue to advocate for more testing and funding for this beatable disease.
  • Research: We support world-class researchers in their vital work to develop new treatments and drugs.
  • Fundraising: We organise fundraising events and encourage much-needed donations and sponsorship to make all of the above possible.


A symbol of bowel cancer … and of hope  

There’s more to our logo than meets the eye. The distinctive shape of a semi-colon within the logo not only cleverly represents the bowel post operatively, it also references the shape of a koru, an integral symbol of Māori culture that symbolises new life, growth, peace and strength.

Bowel Cancer NZ