June 11, 2024

In 2022, our charity had to stop selling our bowel screening test due to supply chain issues and delivery delays with our Australian supplier. This meant the New Zealand public who had bowel health concerns or wanted to be proactive and fell outside the free government screening had no way of testing themselves. 

Our team was determined to be part of the solution, so we reached out to BGI Global and Innovative Genomics in Auckland, New Zealand (IGENZ) to help bring a screening test to the NZ market. 

And we’ve DONE IT! 

This collaboration means you can now order your own screening kit if you are younger or older than the free government screening age of 60 – 74. The cost is $180 and includes a pre-paid courier bag to return the sample to IGENZ in Auckland. 

Colotect is a new DNA-based methylation screening test that detects bowel cancer and its precursors. The kit is non-invasive, convenient, and effective, finding 88% of bowel cancers and 46% of early-stage adenomas. 

Bowel Cancer NZ is proud of the role we played in providing the NZ public with an option to purchase a private screening test – where there was none before. 

If you have symptoms of bowel cancer, please see your GP. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bowel Cancer NZ is not involved in ordering, purchasing or supplying these kits. Instructions on getting and returning the sample are included.  IGENZ is responsible for all testing and reporting of results. Kits lost, misplaced, broken or returned incorrectly are not the responsibility of Bowel Cancer NZ.