Cat’s Story

“I started hurting thought I had bad hemorrhoids
My sister was staying with us saying I had to go to the doctor cos I was in so much pain
Went to after hours and they said an abscess so off to hospital to have drained
Surgeon looked at it the Tuesday night saying had a abscess of about 8cmx3cm so quite a decent size
Spent Wednesday waiting for surgery at 9pm they wheeled me down ready for surgery at 9.30pm
Just about to start there was a code red so wheeled me out of surgery
Thursday morning taken down the theatre about 8.30am
During surgery the surgeon found it was actually a anal fistula, which is like an ingrown hair that gone inside(usually men with hairy bums that sit a lot get them, very rare for woman to get one) also rare mine had grown like a tree inside.
I now have what they called a rubber band on which keeps it open as they want to drain from inside. This is quite uncomfortable and annoying. Can be on for months or years waiting for it to drain.
Surgeon actually left surgery to have a chat with Joel as he thought was all abnormal about any weight loss, toileting, tiredness etc.
So he ordered extra tests which I’m very stoked about now
After the colonoscopy they said the fistula and tumour prob not related as to far apart
So at the moment feeling fine health wise just uncomfortable with rubber band on
Few people have asked if I had symptoms
People kept saying I was losing weight which just thought was due to breast feeding and more exercise
My toileting routine had changed which thought just drinking to much coffee
I’m always tired but what parent isn’t aye so didn’t think much of it
Think there has been blood on stools however I have suffered hemorrhoids so just thought that
We have been super impressed with Waikato hospital and the service so far
Everyone has been really helpful and things have happened quite quickly, So far hasn’t been much impact just bad timing for us with school holidays and having hospital appointments so having to find care of children while go to hospital
My family been supportive and now just waiting for surgery date so can plan help while on recovery. As with six children need a few hands on deck to help. Just if you question anything go get it looked at and don’t be embarrassed ”