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At 31 years old I NEVER thought I would hear those words “I’m sorry you have cancer”. Diagnosis was stage 4 Bowel Cancer with Mets to liver and lung.

I was 5 months pregnant with my second IVF baby, I remember the day like it was yesterday… May 8th 2020 one of the worse days of my life and the beginning of an incredibly challenging life changing journey.

After 2 and a half years of hell I am still here to tell this story and am forever grateful for that….

* 3 months chemo whilst pregnant
* Early delivery of my beautiful baby boy weighing 3 pound 3 oz (5 weeks in NICU)
* Liver embolization
* Liver resection
* Emergency liver surgery (kinked artery resulting in liver failure and life long portal hypertension)
* Collapsed lungs, fluid on lungs
* Ecoli in my stomach
* Severe fluid retention due to non functioning liver (45kgs)
* Delirium
* Bowel resection (sigmoid colon) and permanent colostomy
* Lung resection
* Lots of recovery

A list of the basics that I can remember not to mention being told I wasn’t going to survive multiple times.

This journey has really made me appreciate what I have in life. My amazing husband who has stuck by me through thick and thin, and my two incredible babies. And the best friends a girl could ask for – I feel very lucky and blessed.

I am very proud to say I’ve just had my first clear scan and okay bloods CEA now 0.07.

I have so much love and respect for anybody who has been down this road or about to. Stay positive, stay strong – you’ve got this!

I am also part of a few bowel cancer Facebook pages and am happy to talk if anyone is ever feeling lonely or needing some support, this is more than just a physical battle everyone needs a friend.