January 22, 2024

ANZ New Zealand showcased our charity in a heartwarming video and article with bowel cancer patient Tamsyn Cornwall and our nurse, Victoria.

Tamsyn was interviewed and bravely shows her scars from her ileostomy surgery in the video. She explains how, at first, she had a lot of anxiety around her body but now feels very proud of it. “Instead of my scars being weird, or my ostomy being different, I was like -this is beautiful proof that I still exist.”

Tamsyn also talks about her experience with Bowel Cancer NZ support services, including patient support groups, nurse helpline, counselling and physio. “I was able to get free counselling and physio after my last surgery through Bowel Cancer New Zealand, and I am so grateful to have had those services because they made such a difference.

“I felt really listened to, and I felt very supported – I didn’t have to explain what I was going through – they already knew.”

Our nurse, Victoria, who was at the end of the phone with Tamsyn when she needed support, was also interviewed in this video to share the impact of bowel cancer in Aotearoa. “It’s a big, quite prevalent cancer within New Zealand – it’s actually about the same as prostate and breast cancer if you combine their numbers.”

“Being aware of your own bowel health is as important as any of the screening measures that are out there – knowing what your normal is, so that you know when it’s not normal, is hugely important.”

As well as raising awareness of bowel cancer in this video, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has generously donated $20,000 over the past couple of years to fund our mahi. As Bowel Cancer NZ is 100% community-funded, we are very grateful for their support!

Read the article and watch the video HERE.