April 4, 2022

Chris Cairns
Earlier this month, Chris Cairns shared the news that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer.
“I was told yesterday I have bowel cancer… big shock and not what I was expecting. So, as I prepare for another round of conversations with surgeons and specialists, I keep remembering how lucky I am to be here in the first place… and how blessed I am to have all that I do in my life. Another fight ahead but here’s hoping this one is a swift upper cut and over in the first round,” he said.
Before his cancer diagnosis, the former Black Caps cricketer was on the road to recovery following an aortic dissection, 4 open heart surgeries and a spinal stroke last year that left him paralysed from the waist down.
Chris recently had bowel surgery saying, “Thank you for all the messages and well wishes, so very appreciated. Surgery was a success and I’m out of ICU and feeling good. Great team of surgeons, doctors and nurses here taking care of me. Will be taking it easy here for the next little while as I recover.”
We wish you well Chris with your treatments and recovery and we’re all rooting for you. Thank you for sharing your journey.