August 22, 2018

Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters

Toni Adie-Kinraid is not about sugar-coating things or wasting time. The Dunedin 37-year-old is dying from bowel cancer, and wants to spend the time she has left alerting people to the signs of the disease – curable if detected early enough, but in her case diagnosed too late.

”I’m just an ordinary woman with kids and a husband … and they’ve said I maybe have two years left, with further treatment,” she said.

Helping to spread the word is her elder sister Michelle Abernethy.  As well as helping her sibling with fundraising efforts to make her last years easier, Mrs Abernethy has also signed up to walk the Dunedin Marathon as a fundraiser for Bowel Cancer New Zealand.

Joining Mrs Abernethy on her fundraising half-marathon walk will be Mrs Adie-Kinraid’s best friend Kylie Kelly and Anashai Kinraid, Mrs Adie-Kinraid’s 17-year-old daughter.

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