November 8, 2018

Bowel Cancer NZ News

Just in time for Christmas, you can purchase a copy of ‘Kiwi-as Toilets’ for just $29.99 (+postage).

This quirky book is ideal for road-trippers, people looking for a unique coffee-table book (or book to read on the toilet!) or those seeking that uniquely different gift!

To order, click on this link and enter the promo code ‘BowelCancer’.  $10 will be donated to Bowel Cancer NZ for every book sold online using this promo code!



Book review

Usually when you go the toilet, it’s because…well… you need to go!  However, Kiwi-as Toilets is a compilation of convenient conveniences in New Zealand that deserve to be visited even if you don’t need to go! This quirky coffee-table book/travel-guide takes you on a tiki tour of New Zealand’s top toilets and is full of facts and photos of fancy flushers, interspersed with splashes of toilet humour and toilet euphemisms.  From toilets that celebrate their region’s heritage and scenery or showcase art and architecture, to the downright wonderfully weird WCs and fun facilities, this eclectic collection of toilets celebrates everything that’s Kiwi as.