May 21, 2019

Bowel Cancer NZ Supporters

It’s days like today that make something harder than it should be.

Beaten by that dreaded word again BOWEL CANCER.

Numbed by having no control.

It’s Mother’s Day. A special day where we should embrace and be strong proud women, know that it’s an achievement, a blessing. One that was stripped from Nat at 35, because of Bowel Cancer.

Hugging my mum at the cemetery where Nat lay. Putting that brave smile on. Knowing it’s going to be like this every year. Watching my 9 year old niece say “I love and miss you mama”.. Why …. because of Bowel Cancer.

These are all reasons why I’ll be moving my butt in June. Everyday for the entire month, to spread the word BOWEL CANCER. To raise awareness and to try to avoid this same situation happening to other families.

Nat was a lover of all things active. She was active with the kids on a daily basis. She’d wake at 4.30am to run before work. I call crazy!… she’d call winning! Hope she’s in my corner come June.

#letsdothis #moveyourbuttnz