April 16, 2019

Bowel Cancer NZ News

You’ve signed up for the Challenge and feeling great – but now you’ve got to start preparing to Move that Butt!

As a professional athlete (pre-bowel cancer) I know only too well how it feels. Here’s 4 things that work for me:

1. Get started. Don’t think of the exercise, just focus on getting started.  Put one foot in front the other, get dressed, put your shoes on and head out the door. Once you get going you’ll warm up and start to feel better.

2. Back yourself. You’ve done a great thing signing up for the challenge – feel proud and it will make moving even easier.

3. Don’t expect to be perfect. It’s unrealistic to think you’re going to feel ready, prepared and positive each time you set out to prepare for your challenge. Most of the time I feel quite the opposite. It’s fine to have off days and more important to keep doing it!

4. Keep focused. Most people doing the Challenge have been affected by bowel cancer in some way or another.  Keep thinking of why you’ve signed up on those cold mornings and remember, you’re making a difference!