I take life a day at a time and make it my priority to find joy every day.

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Never let the fear of cancer stop you finding out if you have it or not. Finding out early really is the best cure.

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I am well and encouraged by my follow up care, it is now all behind me.

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Ron was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 50 and had no symptoms despite a family history.

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 Don't be afraid to see your doctor if you have any symptoms that are worrying you.

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I experienced some family stress almost 5 years ago so I decided to visit my GP for a check.

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John had turned 67, retired and was happily setting up a small part time financial advisory service.

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Having made it past 60 relatively unscathed I had no real concerns with my health...

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Patrick's daughter Rachel didn’t know anything about bowel cancer until it struck her family twice.

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