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"Without chemo my oncologist gave me 10% chance of survival. With chemo, a 30% chance..."

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"I was diagnosed in November 2021 with stage 3 sigmoid colon cancer. My children were 6, 4 and 3."

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A massive stage 3 tumour was discovered with surgery 4 weeks later. If it wasn’t for my doctor...

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When I turned to flush I noticed something in my poop that looked like dark red lines...

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[The Doctor] said I was so anemic she was surprised I was conscious and able to function... So began Bowel Cancer Act I...

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It’s a scary thing to be told you have Cancer. I was 44, owned a busy cafe, I was a Mum, and a Wife...

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I personally think the biggest challenge in cancer is the mental battle, not the physical one.

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I just want to make sure that anybody that has the symptoms – please get them checked, I didn’t, don’t make my mistake. Read more.

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